Additional Services

Movers & Furniture Storage

During our consultations we may recommend some of your furniture or belongings to be removed or re-located. If you are needing help moving your furniture and belongings to get ready for our staging team to come in, we can schedule our movers to come in and move the requested items. 

Additionally, if you need a space to store your furniture, we can pick up your furniture and store it at our warehouse while you have our rental furniture. Once it’s sold, we’ll return your furniture and pick ours up.

Interior Decorating & Luxury Furnishings To Purchase

Sold your home? Love the style of your staged home? Wish it looked like that when you were living there, not just selling? Our team of experts is ready to help with any project, big or small. Our Certified Interior Decorating in-house staff is readily available to assist you with colour selections, space planning, sourcing furniture and décor selections and creating a mood board to help showcase your personal style!

Head over to Dala Décor to browse our selection of furniture, find your style and set up an in-home consultation with our team of Certified Interior Decorators.