What’s the difference between Standard and Luxury accessory packages?

Standard packages: include a light selection of accessories to complement the furniture and have a few décor items throughout the property. This package level is suggested for occupied homes that need a few accessories to finish off the space, small condos, or clients wanting a light staging done that fits their budget.

Luxury Packages: are part of our full-service package and will include more items to showcase the house fully staged, along with access to more high-end accessory selections. This package level is suggested for vacant homes, a full home design, and luxury listings over 800k. See photos below of a standard vs luxury example.

How are the furniture rental prices determined?
You will see different pricing per rental item, rental prices are determined by the value of the products being rented.

How much does it cost to have my property staged?
Prices will depend on the service level and the amount of furniture and décor rentals required.

What are your levels of service options?

Self-serve: Shop our rental furniture, create your order yourself and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up or have our team deliver them for you and or your client.
Partial Service: We can help you complete your project with our furniture rental service or our staging services.

Full Service: We will provide our services of furniture and accessory rentals, planning & design, staging and de-staging the property.

Additional Services: Looking to use one of our services or rentals but don’t see the package for you? Contact us and we’ll create a custom order for your needs. We are at your service.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver in Ottawa and the surrounding region. If you are outside the delivery range, we will deliver with an additional mileage per km amount.

Turnaround time once order is placed?

If all your selected items are in stock, we have an order ready within 3 business days.

Are there minimum order requirements?

No minimum on any products for rental. If you require our delivery service, there is a minimum charge depending on what is required to be delivered and or installed.

Is Delivery & Pickup included in the rental amount?

No, the delivery and pickup are under our service fee. Rental prices are solely how much each item costs to rent based on our purchase costs.

Can I pick-up the rental furniture rather than having it delivered?

Yes, if you have the appropriate transportation and team to carefully load and transport our furniture, so no damage occurs in the delivery and return.  Photos of all products rented will be documented before they are loaded into the delivery vehicle to ensure liability.

What happens if the rented items are damaged during the rental?

These things can happen in furniture deliveries and maneuvering large pieces through homes. Clients are responsible for all damages during the rental period. Any damages, stain, imperfections that could be deemed as damage should be noted and documented on install day to ensure liability. Responsibilities range depending on the damage that occurred.  This can range from a small repair fee, a cleaning service or replacing the item entirely.

What if I need to make changes to my order after it’s been placed?

Changes can be made to a reservation contract up to 3 days before your scheduled date. Reductions in rentals reservation can be done at 25% per line-item maximum. Increases can be done by availability only.

What are the payment methods?

Clients may pay online through our payment portal by credit, debit card, EMT or PayPal. Also, able to pay in person at our showroom by, credit, debit and cleared Checks. For all rental and staging reservations, a credit card is required on file.

Policies when renting furniture in occupied properties:

As the client you are responsible for maintain all items during the rental period. Any issues will be resolved in a timely manner at time of picking up the furniture and the contract ending. We rent to both occupied and vacant properties for home staging. We do have a no smoking and no pets’ policies to protect our rentals.

Can myself or my clients purchase the furniture rented?

Yes! This is the luxury of having our own furniture store along side the design and staging side of things. We are able to offer our clients the opportunity to purchase any products that are designed from any project to stay in the home at a preferred rate. Alternatively clients also have the option to order the same or similar products from www.DalaDecor.com both in stock and online.

What are the benefits of staging?

Quicker sale: Staging can reduce the time a home takes to sell. The longer your home stays on the market, the more likely you’ll have to reduce your initial listing price.
Receive top dollar: Research shows that staged homes sell 78% faster and for 17% more money than their unstaged counterparts (according to a RESA study). This allows you to get a return on your staging investment.
Meaningful first impression: A buyer makes 95% of their buying decision within 30 seconds of them walking in the door. Staging creates a meaningful first impression and helps homebuyers visualize the potential of your home and themselves living in it.
Less marketing needed: Your staged listing will stand out on MLS, allowing less marketing to be done. When staged, a home can be styled to aim at a specific target market or appeal to the masses to attract more traffic. Professional staging highlights any home’s best features, minimizing its faults and enhancing its livability.
Styled to sell: Most sellers cannot view their home objectively which can make it hard to prepare for listing. Staging shows potential buyers how the house should be laid out properly and how much space is available in the home.