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With today’s market, staging is mandatory if you want your house to stand out above your competition. Before listing your property, we advise you to book a consultation with our team of professional Property Stylists & Interior Decorators to go over how we can help you get top dollar!

At-Home Consultation

This is our initial contact and the starting point when preparing a home for sale. During this detailed consultation, our clients receive our expert recommendations custom to their specific property and a step-by-step plan to prepare the home for staging and selling. 

Before any work can be done, we’ll start by going over your selling details, timeline and our staging process. Following this we will do a home tour and assessment. This may include an assessment of furnishings and accessories, clutter, suggesting which areas of your home require the most attention, what should be moved off-site, what can be re-purposed, the main focal points to emphasize, room changes, paint colours, recommended rentals and suggestions on essential repairs and cleaning to be done before staging. Photos will then be taken for us to begin working on a design plan should you decide to move forward with our professional staging services. 

The consultation produces a staging proposal and a room-by-room report listing all the necessary recommendations to prepare your home to sell for top dollar. Once the proposal and contract are signed, then our team will start our process of working with you to transform your home to sell for top dollar.

Virtual Consultation Option

  1. Initial Contact – One hour detailed phone/video call with the homeowner to explain the process, manage parties’ expectations, request room photos/videos and how they need to be taken.

  2. Once photos are received, our team will create a report that will have a room-by-room action plan and a staging proposal going over what we’ll be transforming, what items we’ll be bringing in and the staging cost.

  3. If the Staging Report and Proposal, you’ll start checking the items off your recommended to-do list in the report while we start designing your space to stage.

  4. Back-and-forth communication at this point ensuring you are on track with the to-do list and prepping your house for us to come in on the staging date.

Book a consultation to see how we can help you!